Summer 2012 Top 5 AC Repairs in Chicago

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air conditioning systemSummer is almost over and we at Greenleaf Mechanical Services have grown further. During this growth through client referrals and internet referrals, we are taking the time to analyze our performance for this summer. This performance check brings up the top 5 problems we have encountered this hot cooling season.

5. Shorted or Faulty Wiring
Shorted, fried, or loose wiring is pretty common in the air conditioning systems during hot Chicago summer months. If wiring is loose anywhere it will have only ill effects on the air conditioner. This is why it is very important to check all wiring during a preseason AC clean and check.

4. Capacitor Blown out
Capacitors are an important part of the air conditioning system. Most of these capacitors blow out due to them getting too hot to handle the load. This can be if the air conditioner condenser has not been serviced and is filthy.

3. Air conditioner outside unit not working.
This problem is very typical and it could be loose wiring, bad thermostat, contactor, or many other problems that could be figured out using testing equipment.

2. Outside fan not working
This problem is related closely to the fan motor, capacitor, or even loose wiring. Stress from the AC condenser coil being dirty puts extra wear on the motor therefore burning up the motor.

1. Low refrigerant (Freon), evaporator freezing, water leak by furnace
Low refrigerant was the king of all failures this year. Low refrigerant cause freezing of copper line sets, indoor evaporator coil, and outdoor air conditioning units. With refrigerant pricing tripling this past January, the repair bills also risen. In many cases we recommended new air conditioners instead of repairing the old, mainly either to age or the extent of damage of running an air conditioning system is beyond repair. The systems were always checked for leaks to pinpoint where exact leak was with electronic refrigerant leak detectors. A lot companies push to sell new systems, but if systems are not too old we always try to repair it first.
Water leaks by furnace was either by lack of refrigerant and evaporator coil froze, or if the condensate water pump failed and would spill over and flow around the furnace.