“After receiving a Bungalow Association grant for insulation, I decided, after decades, to finally tackle the unheated attic.  I read reviews on both Angie’s List and Yelp, with Greenleaf receiving high marks even if the number of reviews weren’t huge.  I had serious contractor fatigue after phone calls for heating, drywall and electrical work.  Ardie came through to look at the space and I had such a good feeling after our 30 minute conversation.  Then the 2014 winter hit – and every contractor in the city was up to their eyeballs in emergency repairs.  We picked things back up in late February, and even with the looming deadline from the Bungalow Association, Greenleaf was able to get started on the project. I am so very pleased with the work and found Ardie and his assistant to be a joy to work with.  He was totally flexible that the job had to be split – install the furnace, wait for the Association to insulate and then come back to finish the work.  He is very thorough in explaining the process, had me come up to the attic several times to explain what was being done and why.  I learned a lot.  As a female homeowner I always appreciate honest, adult, professional information from a vendor.  I’ve had a lot of work done over the years, and I pretty much know how to weed out the knuckleheads. Now I have this huge, beautiful, warm, open space for a bedroom suite. I highly recommend Greenleaf Services.  An absolute gem.”

Phyllis  C. from Chicago, Il (Yelp)

“I bought a Nest thermostat, and I’m pretty handy, so I thought “no problem”.  After taking my old thermostat down, I realized that lining up the Nest, it’s rig, and the existing hole were just enough to exceed my experience level. Greenleaf was one of the certified installers mentioned on the Nest website, and the only one that answered their phone, when I called for an estimate.  They came in on the low side of the places I tried, and their Customer Service on the call led me to try them. The installer was a wonderful guy, really personable, and went about his work with no fuss.  He was nice enough to acknowledge what had blocked my efforts, while making small work of it himself (ego intact, lol).  As was promised on the Nest and Greenleaf websites, he took the time to set up the device and explain the features.  Asking me if I had any questions made me feel like a person, and not another service call. I’m in Customer Service, as well, and i don’t recommend lightly.  Greenleaf earned and deserved this positive recommendation.”

Will B. from Chicago, Il (Yelp)

“Yelp didn’t disappoint in helping me choose a qualified HVAC contractor! “Found Greenleaf and called them over to get an estimate on a ductless mini-split AC system for my home, which is equipped with radiators.  From the estimate, to the finish of the project, I have been more than satisfied with the work of Ardi and his crew. They were courteous, always gave me a time when they would be showing up at my door, and the best part is that the project was finished earlier than predicted. They cleaned up after the installation was done and was left even cleaner than when they started the installation.  As far as the ductless mini splits installation goes, I am truly impressed at how quiet these things are. I am using them a lil bit for the heating season, just because I can, but I really can’t wait to see how they will perform during cooling season. With the crazy winter we had this season, I am thinking that the performance will be tested this upcoming summer. Compared to the window AC units these are supposed to be more than 3 times the efficiency. My old window units have an efficiency of 8.9SEER and the new mini split system has an efficiency of 21.7SEER. There are also units more efficient than this system, but this fit my budget well.  It’s great to see that this technology is becoming more apparent in the U.S. as I am mostly used to seeing these type of ductless units when I travel overseas. If you have been on the fence about installing one of these, Do It! You will be impressed at how quiet these are. In sleep mode these are whisper quiet.”

Donnie M. from Chicago, Il (Yelp)

  “In this extreme weather, had to call a dozen heating repair places.  No answer, or I just couldn’t get anyone to come to my house in the near future. Called Greenleaf, and they arrived that afternoon.   Fixed all the problems at a great price and kept me updated with all of the information that I needed to know.   I believe my repairman’s name was Artie?  Maybe not- but all I know is that he explained all of the problems to me step by step and could not have been more helpful. Will use again if needed, but I hope I won’t : ) Fantastic customer service. “

Josh S. from Chicago, Il (Yelp)

  “Ardi came out to install my new Nest thermostat yesterday and he did a great job. He is a perfect professional — careful to not track in dirt and vacuumed up after. He was careful to show my how the Nest works and made sure everything works perfectly with the humidifier. He relocated the humidistat wire without making a big mess or a large hole in the wall. I would recommend him to anyone!”

Brian K.  from Chicago, Il (Yelp)

“After dealing with the crazy dry air of the worst Chicago winter ever, we decided to install a whole-house humidifier in late January. Found Greenleaf from all of the great Yelp reviews and they didn’t disappoint! Setting up an appointment was easy and Ardi was on time and super professional. He explained the installation process and had everything installed and working in no time. The price was reasonable and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Will definitely be using Greenleaf for all of our future HVAC needs.”

Mindi C. from Chicago, Il (Yelp)

“After a fairly extensive search for a contractor who could replace my existing (and very dated) air con and furnace I settled on Greenleaf. There are many options out there, I liked the personal touch and the quote was very reasonable. We also checked it with a family friend who’s in the business (but out of city) and he said he’d be happy with it. We also have a town home so some contractors do not even come out to these properties unless they bring a crane or two people (to quote even). My wife loved that they always put shoe protectors on when coming through the house, the small considerate things were always there. The Greenleaf team were always mindful of getting the ‘right’ solution for our house and we ended up downsizing on the compressor (from 4 btu to 3.5) and the humidifier, small price savings and we were presented with both options before we decided together which way to go. Job complete and we’re v happy, we also got the Nest solution fitted (they’re a Nest certified installer too), again they came over and explained how everything worked together. This is a tough space to find a great service that you’re confident that you’re not being ripped off. I have no hesitations recommending this company to friends neighbours and fellow yelpers!”
Alex P.  from Chicago, Il (Yelp)
“Ardi sold me on the 4 way split ductless LG system for a large 4 bedroom brick bungalow.  The system he recommended would have no units in the two downstairs bedrooms.  I was very concerned that this would not be adequate.  He assured me it would work very well.  Other companies attempted to upsell the 6 and 8 unit systems.  One company wanted to upgrade my electrical service along with installing this system.  Greenleaf Mechanical gave me an estimate that was about 2 thousand dollars less than the next highest quote, and 5 thousand dollars less than most.  Finally, I went with it. Well, we love it.  They were prompt, worked fast, and the result is amazing! The unit in the kitchen and the unit in the living room cool the whole first floor, including the bedrooms, just like he said they would.  This split ductless system is awesome.  We can cool only part of the house if we want to, or the whole house. Ardi was able to make do with my antequated electrical system by installing a separate breaker to the main line into the house bypassing the existing breaker panel.  Oh, and for you guys out there (and geeky girls) they don’t use the copper pipe unions that come with the system to pass the refrigerant.  They cut them off and braze the connections to ensure there is not even the slightest air leak.  That was the deal maker for me.  A lot more work, but worth it in the end to ensure our install works at it’s highest capacity. The split ductless LG system is amazing! It comes with a heat element! In just 3 short days our house has entered the 21st century.  We can enjoy the radiant heat in the winter with no forced air blowing dust all over the place.  While at the same time enjoy a clean high efficiency cooling system that cools areas of the house or the whole house if you wish.  Thank you Greenleaf Mechanical!”
Greg W. from Chicago, Il (Yelp)
“Arti from Greenleaf installed our LG minisplit.  I had a specific plan for how I wanted it installed and Arti did so without complaint.  He was honest, on time, and seemed to go out of his way to make sure we were happy with the installation – for example: when the installation was complete – I asked if one of the hoses could be redirected through the ceiling space – so he re-cut the AC hose and did it (happily) at no additional expense even though it took him an extra 45 minutes.  The workmanship was clean and professional.  No complaints.  He’s a nice (calm) person.  He even price-matched a lower bid.”
Patrick D. from Evanston, IL (Yelp)
“We hired Greenleaf Mechanical to re-do the existing ductwork in our 2 story frame house built in 1905, and we also asked them to install central air. The ductwork had been installed by the previous homeowner around 1960 and contained limited supply work. No return ducting at all. So they had to basically redo it all from scratch. We had 2 quotes and Greenleaf was the lower of the two by about $100. But the price was just the first nice surprise working with Arti and his team. From start to finish, Arti did a great job of explaining the options to us and going over each detail of the installation so we understood what would be necessary. During the install they remained courteous, clean and always came to us with questions instead of making assumptions about what we wanted done. The work was phenomenal and our home has been much more comfortable ever since the system was installed. An even temperature between floors and near windows. Can’t wait until the weather gets warm enough to try out the new AC!
Ben I. from Chicago, IL (Yelp)
  “We contracted installation with Greenleaf Heating and Cooling, who specialize in energy efficiency and were also, as a bonus, prompter and more respectful of our space than previous contractors we’ve worked with. While pricier than a normal window A/C unit, this thing can pump out quiet a bit more cooling, is quieter, and is more energy efficient (has a higher SEER rating). We haven’t received a power bill yet, but I can tell you we are throwing away less produce now than we were a few weeks ago. With our previous A/C, we were hitting 79 F in the produce section on hot days. Since installation, it hasn’t gone above 66 F. A more thorough review is available on Openproduce.org on their blog section. If you live around Hyde Park we definitely recommend checking out this great produce store. “
Steven of Open Produce from Chicago, IL
“Greenleaf Mechanical Services- I had a problem with the furnace and cold air return system at my rental house. My tenants were without heat when I called Greenleaf Mechanical Services. The technician, Ardi, arrived very quickly to diagnose the problem. I would highly recommend the services of this company. Ardi was extremely knowledgeable, professional, polite, and thorough. The bill was reasonable for the required work. This is the first time I have ever felt the desire to write a Yelp review.”
Kevin A. from Chicago, IL (Yelp)
“Me and my husband hired Greenleaf Mechanical to install a furnace and air-conditioning system in our place in the beginning of June. The 2 fine technicians that came out behaved professionally and were always punctual in their 5-day installation. They put drop clothes where they were working to protect our floors. The air conditioning system has been working flawlessly this summer, which has been one of the hottest summers so far in Chicago. After the installation, the lead tech explained how everything worked and  urged to call him anytime whenever we had a question about any part of the system. Great installation, great company to deal with!”
Susan M. from Chicago, IL (Yelp)
“Our furnace went out around midnight and we quickly went to google to find a heating company. After little research we called Greenleaf and had a great experience even though the technician showed up early in the morning. We called around 12am and he showed up 12:45am. Now that’s fast. Maybe we were close to where he lived but nonetheless we appreciated it since we have a newly born. Thank you and will be spreading the word about the company.”
Michael C. from Chicago, IL (Yelp)
“We hired Greenleaf to repair our AC system based on a coworker recommendation. We could not have been more pleased. Arti was fantastic. He was the consummate professional. He arrived in a timely manner and explained the process every step of the way. He answered every question I posed clearly and patiently. He pinpointed the problem and gave an estimate as to the cost of the repair and the time needed to make the repair. He completed the work in the estimated time and at the estimated price. He even called a week later to find our if I had any questions, concerns or problems. Greenleaf is a company I’ll enthusiatically recommend to friends and use again should the need arise. ”
LaTisha F. from Oak Park, IL (Yelp)
“We hired Greenleaf to install a mini-split system in our Chicago bungalow and worked with Arti. We have had many bad experiences with contractors in the past and we were prepared to be disappointed as we have been before. I have to say that this time it was a pleasure from start to finish!  We made an appointment for Arti to look things over. He showed up on time, knew the products we were interested in and sent estimates for a number of different configurations. He followed up when he said he would. We signed a contract scheduled the work. Installation took three days. They showed up on time every day, worked late into the evening and listened to our thoughts on where things should be placed. Every time they came in the house they put on shoe covers to protect our floors. Work was done expertly. Greenleaf was a joy to work with!  We hired them to come back to service our furnace. Great job, great contractor. ”
Mark L. from Chicago, IL (Yelp)
“Greenleaf Mechanical is the company that installed my new American Standard furnace and AC in December of 2008. Now, it’s 2011 and the unit has worked nothing but short of excellent. It’s a very quiet system and it’s saving us money winter and summer. That saying that you get what you pay for is more than right in the HVAC field. Other companies I had dealt with wanted to take me on a ride by telling me I needed a new unit. When Ardie from Greenleaf  came over he put the myths from other contractors to sleep, but since the system was going on 23 years we decided to go with an efficient system anyways. We’re also on their maintenance plan which makes us sleep sound at night. They have been the most pleasant Chicago contractor experience we’ve had since we relocated here from Montana.”
Donald B. from Wilmette, IL
“All of our concerns and queries on a new AC install were always answered in a timely manner. It’s the fast email correspondence from them that assured me and my wife that when we needed them they would be there if there was a problem down the road with the new unit we were about to install. Trusting a contractor wasn’t easy for us but I can wholeheartedly say that Greenleaf Mechanical is going to be our HVAC company from now on.”
Joe P. from Niles, IL
“One of the main reasons I’m writing this review is to tell you guys how much I appreciated your cleanliness in my condo. Back in December, my furnace went out and a friend recommended your company for service. It was a snowy day and the tech put on booties and he also put a drop cloth in front of the furnace where he was to work. Impressed that he treated my home like it was his. Major points from a clean-freak like myself!”
Julia M. from Chicago, IL
“Professional services were provided right from the start to the end. Thanks”
Pete S. from Skokie, IL
“The team which set up my air systems were excellent and very polite! Greenleaf Mechanical Services definitely helped me out tremendously by doing this installation on a timely fashion.  Others would try to push this type of installation 2 weeks, which it wasn’t going to happen. Thank you guys!!!”
Mikael T. from Schaumburg, IL
“The Greenleaf team conducted an excellent job from sales through installation. Thanks A Lot!”
Scott M. from Chicago, IL
“Greenleaf Mechanical has my praises as a company that stands up for honesty and integrity. As a retired general contractor, I’ve been in contact with hundreds of contractors and I know when something stinks from far. The tech that came out was really approachable and friendly. Didn’t try to overcharge me and gave me my options on what to do with the already 19 year old broken furnace. I’m glad I went with the top option they recommended. Sure I could have gone with the cheaper option but I don’t put cheap builder options in my own place.”
Jim M. from Evanston, IL
“The experts at Greenleaf have been servicing my furnace and my AC every year for the past 2 years. I have also recommended them to my neighbors and they also appreciate the work they do. The booties they wear is also a nice touch to keep my home nice and clean just like I had it. The DirecTV guy didn’t get the memo about the same etiquette!”
Maria L. from Chicago, IL