Pleated Media Filters

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Filters as we know are the simplest maintenance a homeowner can perform. In the recent years, the markets have been flooded with filters that can filter even airborne viruses. But with these filter introductions, we at Greenleaf Mechanical have found inconsistencies in them filtering the air. Let’s take for example the 1” pleated filters like 3M. Even though they seem tempting to buy simply by what they are advertised as, chances are that these filters will do more harm than good when introduced to an old system with old ductwork. A lot of old homes in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs have old HVAC systems that do not meet today’s requirement for enough return air coming back to the furnace. An aging HVAC system will suffer pushing enough airflow, either due to poor maintenance, or simply by having undersized ductwork. Pleated filters reduce the airflow to the furnace thus also reducing its output and making your heating system very inefficient. Less air coming back to the furnace the hotter the furnace will run, and potentially go off on safeties that are there in case of overheating. This is one reason we don’t recommend these type of pleated filter in a system.

Welcome to Media Filter! Media filters are filters that are close in design to the 1” pleated filters, but built to handle almost any type of system without any possible overheating. They are 5” in thickness and it can handle all residential filtering needs without any further stress in the HVAC components. Due to their bigger size they will need duct work to install it properly. Due to their size they also last longer (typically from 6-12 months) and they are easy to replace just as the standard filters.

If you’re thinking that your home needs more filtering to help out with your dust, allergies, and easy maintenance give the media filters a try.               

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