We are officially green and paperless!

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Starting on July 07, 2012 we at Greenleaf Mechanical Services took the initiative to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint and go paperless. This little change will be saving countless trees every year. If in the past we would give an invoice and estimates printed out of our trucks, now all of these documents are emailed directly to your email. Credit card receipts are also emailed. Paperless invoicing is not only green and environmental-friendly, but also makes communicating between us and clients faster and more efficient than ever. As one our clients, you have the option to actually build a folder on your computer with our PDF invoices we send out. This way you would have a virtual file cabinet and within reach at any given time. Paper invoices would get thrown everywhere and eventually can be lost.

As a company we strive to provide green and efficient HVAC products, but this wasn’t enough for the lovely place we live in, Earth!paperless-green