Modulating Furnaces

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Are you contemplating on buying a new furnace? Do you want to save as much green as you can on your monthly utility bills, but at the same time you are environmentally conscious? We have the answer for you and it is the modulating furnace.

The modulating furnace is the highest efficiency the industry provides without changing to a different system layout (geothermal).  They are considered the quietest furnaces as they work only in a percentage as needed. Typical furnaces 1-stage furnaces work at one given speed, and 2-stage furnaces work at 2 speeds to provide more comfort. Depending on the furnace that you choose, modulating furnaces can go from 40% to 65% and to full 100% rate of fire with a single-stage thermostat. If a multistage thermostat is added to the mix, the fire rates have more variety in the mix with 5% increases from 40% to 100% to get to the optimal house comfort. How does this tech-talk translate for the homeowner? Very quiet operation and great efficiency rates since the furnace will not be running with the burners at 100% fire.

We have installed plenty of these furnaces and customers can barely notice them running. One customer actually noticed a huge difference in noise going from a 1-stage 80% efficient furnace to a modulating 95% efficient furnace.  The modulating furnaces also help with temperature swings you might have in your home. With other furnaces the temperature swing will be greater than the modulating furnaces, which translates to less run-time for furnace and higher savings in your monthly bills.modulating furnace

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