Mitsubishi Mini Split Ductless Relics

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Recently, we worked on two Mitsubishi mini split ductless systems that were more than 20 years old in existence. We are truly impressed at the reliability that these Mitsubishi ductless systems have, and they have survived just by occasional maintenance. Although, in today’s newer systems we recommend yearly maintenance as the blower wheels do tend to get dirty depending on usage.

The mini split systems were made in Japan, and maybe it is a telltale sign that anything that came out of Japan was pretty reliable. With companies being outsourced for cheaper labor and materials, Mitsubishi followed what other corporations  have done over the past decades. Today’s units are mostly made in Taiwan, but that shouldn’t scare someone off of these mini split ductless systems, as they are still very reliable. Efficiency has also been improved by easily tripling efficiency ratings. Some Mitsubishi mini split and ductless units have a 30 SEER rating and that is as efficient as it can get.

Back when these mini split were produced these systems only came in single zones, which means that they were one indoor unit matched to one outdoor unit. Nowadays, these ductless systems have up to 8 zones connected to one outdoor unit. Pretty impressive!

And to the pictures: Mitsubishi ductless mini split Mitsubishi ductless mini split Mitsubishi ductless mini split Mitsubishi ductless mini split Mitsubishi ductless mini split