Some Benefits To The Mini-Split AC Systems

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The summer is almost here and we have had a great response from our clients already on the mini split air conditioning options that we carry.

Not too long ago the mini-split ductless air conditioning option was unheard of even though these great efficient units have existed for a long while overseas in Europe, Australia, and Asia.  The high efficiency in these units is making Americans more aware of the savings that can be had utilizing these air conditioning systems.  We are on our way to closing a few contracts while getting ready for this new wave of energy-saving ac

Starting at 18SEER and going all the way up to 28SEER, these mini-split air conditioning units are the most efficient systems on the market.  This high efficiency comes from the variable compressors that work in stages to save energy by reducing the output when it is not needed.  We also carry 16SEER units that are an option for those clients on a tight budget.

Coming second to efficiency, our mini-split ac units are also known for the very quiet operation noise. In contrast, libraries have a 36 decibels compared to 17 decibels for the mini-split air conditioners. Now, you will be able to have a relaxing sleep without any annoyances.

ductless mini split ac

The optimized design of the air outlet provides strong airflow which cools your area up to 41°F in as few as 5.6 minutes. The 4 way swing disperses air quickly and equally through 4 directions to help keep a uniform temperature without hot spots in the rooms.

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