Pros And Cons Of Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioning

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mini split ductless chicagoAs we are getting ready for the summer season, we at Greenleaf Mechanical have already started installing mini split ductless air conditioning systems, with many jobs scheduled before season starts. Looks like it will be a busy summer, as we are driven to be the leader in the mini split ductless market in the Chicago area. In order for our customers to see the differences between mini split ductless AC units and window air conditioning units we have come up with a short list of pros and cons to help you make a decision.

Cons of having a window air conditioning unit in contrast to pros of mini split ductless AC systems:

  1. Heavy and a tedious project to install and remove every season. For some senior citizens it is not feasible.  Mini split systems are installed permanently.

  2. Very loud when compared to mini-split ductless ac units. With a mini split system you will actually be able to sleep. In sleep mode, mini splits get as quiet as 17 decibels compared in contrast to a library, which has approximately 36 decibels of noise.

  3. Very inefficient when compared to mini split systems. Most window air conditioning units will max out at around 9SEER

  4. Mini split ductless ac systems start 16SEER and go all the way up to 28SEER. The higher the rating, the higher the efficiency, therefore saving you money.

  5. Window air conditioners can be an easy entrance for burglars. Mini split systems avoid that possibility completely.

  6. Uneven cooling. Window AC units tend to keep hot spots. This is due to their height location, but also due to their fan design. Mini split systems have a well-thought out fan design that is able to push air out to 39 feet. Plus, height of the installation matters as the higher the AC unit is positioned, the better it will cool as it removes hot air.

  7. You can cool more than one room with one outdoor unit (one compressor). Each window AC unit has its own compressor. The compressor is the component that uses the most energy. You can have up to 5 zones (rooms) on a single compressor, therefore saving you tons on electricity. When only half of the zones are being used, the compressor switches speeds, so it doesn’t run at full capacity.

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