The Chicagoan Mini-Split Ductless Revolution

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Hot Chicago weather has really pushed the air conditioning units to the limit this summer. Like no other summer, AC units  have been running most of the day, and a lot of nights also due to high humidity levels. This prolonged running time is testing out systems and really putting a strain in our clients’ wallets.

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A good number of our clients have been looking into very high efficiency mini-split ductless systems and we are proud to have the training to install such equipment. Europeans have been using such systems for a long time and they definitely know a thing or two about high efficiency air conditioning. When a typical air conditioning unit is rated at 13 SEER and the top of the line units reaching 20 SEER (only some brands), mini split ductless AC systems start at 20 SEER with options all the way up to 28 SEER efficiency.

Higher efficiency mini-split air conditioners are not just some big white square boxes mounted high on the walls. Indoor evaporator units come in white, cool mirror finish with different colors, and with customizable art pictures. One outdoor condensing unit can also supply many rooms with the same high efficiency in every indoor unit.

If you have any questions or you would like us to provide high efficiency cooling, call us at (773) 242-9220.

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