Lifetime Thermostat Warranty

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Greenleaf Mechanical has taken a step further in customer appreciation to offer our customers peace of mind by providing Lifetime Thermostat Warranty at no charge to you. If for any reason, your

Thermostat, lifetime warranty Chicago Hvac company

thermostat decides to give up on you, we will be there to bring back the home comfort from either the  Chicago blistery winter or from the humid summer. This Lifetime Warranty applies to current customers with good account standing. Future customers can enjoy this warranty after the first initial visit. Not all thermostats currently qualify for the Lifetime Warranty if they’re already installed by another company, but Greenleaf Mechanical covers all thermostats that are installed by us.  If you would like to know if your thermostat is covered and want us to be your Chicago HVAC company please call us at (773) 242-9220 today!



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