Is HVAC Brand Important?

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This summer has been a busy working summer for us at Greenleaf Mechanical.


We have replaced a lot of old inefficient air conditioners with efficient and highly efficient air conditioners. More than often we run into the question of what brand is the most reliable brand out there. A complicated question just because reliability of equipment relies greatly on who the installing company is. You can have the best, highest efficiency furnace or air conditioner out there, but if the ductwork is restricted in size and not sized properly that unit will perform just as the cheaper brands or worst.

Leveling out the installation practices, we have had great feedback from American Standard and Rheem HVAC products. For those customers on the budget, the Comfortmaker brand has also been working great for us. Keeping in mind that most air conditioners are supplied with basically similar parts on almost all of them, and the manufacturing process is where the secret lies in. Different companies have different standards when these air conditioners are built.

As you might know, American Standard is the same company as Trane and therefore a Trane product. Trane has had great reliability records in the past, but American Standard has been even more reliable due to the units being built better and simpler. Think of American Standard as Toyota, and Trane as Lexus. Both brands are as reliable as it gets, with Lexus with more electronics.