High Efficiency Furnaces

High Efficiency Furnaces Are Our Specialty

In the Chicago area there are many types of heating systems being used. One of the most popular systems is the forced air system, which includes natural gas furnaces and electrical furnaces. The most used is the gas furnace and depending on its age you could be losing from 30 to 40% of your hard-earned dollars up the chimney. This is due to the furnace’ inefficiency and old age.

Technology advancements have made these furnaces highly efficient, very reliable, and very quiet compared to the older furnaces. These high efficiency furnaces range from 90% all the way up to 98% efficiency. The most efficient furnaces waste as much energy as an old incandescent bulb. These high efficiency furnaces combined with low energy consumption will increase the savings on your monthly bills tremendously. high efficiency heating

If your current furnace is very inefficient and old, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in high-efficiency furnaces and we will educate you so you can make the best informed decision. We never try to sell you a system you won’t be comfortable and happy with.

Greenleaf Mechanical will make sure that your system is properly sized. This is very important, as in the past most contractors used rules of thumbs to size up your home. This form of sizing was not taking into the account the build, insulation, and windows. Oversized furnaces are typical in the Chicago area. Oversized furnaces are not better and they will actually increase your energy consumption. Along with the proper furnace, ductwork is another touchy subject. If ductwork is not properly sized, the high efficiency furnaces won’t run up to their potential. Greenleaf Mechanical will properly size them with efficiency in mind. The end result is comfort, reliability, and high efficiency.

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