High Efficiency Air Conditioning

Feeling slow during summertime?

High humidity levels inside your Chicago home or business could be the culprit. By simply bringing the humidity down the indoor air will feel better as you breathe it in and you will not feel as sluggish. The air conditioning unit will remove the humidity by just simply having the temperature set just a couple of degrees less than indoor air temperature. A high efficiency air conditioning unit will do the above and will excel at it.

Go Green with Greenleaf!

We at Greenleaf Mechanical strive to be the front-runners in providing high efficiency cooling to Chicago. We supply the highest and most efficient air conditioners available today. We offer from 13 SEER all the way up to 20 SEER  high efficiency air conditioning units. Refrigerant R410A (Puron) is used as much as possible in these AC units we sell due to their higher efficiencies and due to it being more environmentally friendly than the R-22 (Freon) refrigerant, which depletes the ozone layer. Older air conditioning systems with the R-22 refrigerant at brand new condition could at best get up to 10 SEER in efficiency.high efficiency cooling

Servicing high efficiency air conditioning units is a delicate process that requires trained HVAC professionals to work on them. By having them serviced by trained HVAC professionals you minimize the effects refrigerants have on the environment and the global warming. The containment of these refrigerants is clearly outlined in the Clean Air Act. When you have a properly installed system by a trained technician, the cooling system rarely develops leaks. EPA doesn’t dictate on what to do with leaking cooling systems, but we at Greenleaf Mechanical know that leaks not only increase maintenance costs, but are also damaging to the environment.

A very important step that a homeowner needs to take is to choose an HVAC company that employs technicians that are trained by EPA to handle such refrigerants. All of our technicians are EPA trained and we make ongoing training mandatory. In the end, a knowledgeable technician is a good technician. Call us today at (773) 242-9220 or email us to find out available options in high efficiency cooling today!

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