Furnace Repair Chicago

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Chicago, the jewel of the Midwest… As nice as Chicago is, it also gets pretty cold during the winter months, which is pretty much the longest season in the area. With this cold weather, HVAC operation is detrimental to the Chicago homeowners for their well-being. It’s mostly important if elderly or newborns are living in the residence. Most homes in Chicago have either furnaces or boilers, and if not maintained they could fail on a very cold night when temperatures drop significantly. To avoid these expensive furnace repairs, regular yearly maintenance is needed to keep HVAC equipment performing within factory specifications.  A well-trained technician will first perform a clean-up of dirt that could buildup in the blower and burner compartments. After checking if blower wheel is furnace repair chicagoclean, a technician will check the temperature rise on the furnace. With this test the HVAC technician can tell if there are any problems with the ductwork build up of dirt or simply just too many closed registers. This test will also determine if a furnace repair is needed by adjusting the gas pressure. Another very important test would be the heat exchanger check for cracks. Cracked heat exchangers would make the technician render the furnace dangerous and lock it out for safety of the homeowner and other residents. If a furnace is more than 5 year old, it makes more sense to skip replacing the heat exchanger and buy a whole new furnace. It will cost less down the road as you can’t predict future breakdowns on an aging furnace. We will talk more about other tests that are performed on the furnace in the next blog. Ask us any questions you might have about any furnace repairs in you Chicago home.


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