Free Diagnostics? $29 Service Call?

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Are you shopping around for companies just by free-hvac-diagnosticsgoing by their service/diagnostic charge on its own? If you are, you are in for a rude awakening. We all know that no one gives something for free in this world. With that out of the way, HVAC companies that claim to have free diagnostics or will actually reimburse the cost of diagnostics if you actually perform the work have the price already built-in in the repair itself. The client would think that they are getting a deal, but in reality they are paying what legitimate companies would have charged in the first place.

Let us look into  the details of the diagnostics call. At the initial stages, an office worker schedules the call,  a technician will have to drive to your home by using our trucks (gas is not cheap these days) and thereafter spend time to actually find the problem you have with the HVAC system. When you add all of these variables what we charge might not be enough to cover all the expenses.

In regard to the free diagnostics/service call with repair, companies that give out free diagnostics have already included that in the cost of the repair. So whether you go for the repair or not, you are actually paying for the diagnostics. Now, why would you hire companies that are lying and are being dishonest to you from the get go?!  The same goes for companies that charge close to nothing for diagnostics. A technician with experience might make per hour close to the $29 service call that that company charges. A typical drive to a service call is 30 minutes. In the service call it is calculated that a typical diagnostic should take about 30 minutes or less, unless there is a complicated problem. Are you seeing where I am going with this?!

“To get one thing that we like, we usually have to give up another thing that we like. Making decisions requires trading off one goal against another.” Greg Mankiw