Duct Cleaning in Chicago

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Do we recommend duct cleaning in your Chicago home? Sure, but only if it’s really needed.

While we were working in a Chicago home rehab while relocating existing furnace we inspected the existing ductwork if it needed any replacement, and we sure found something that got homeowners worried. Balls and balls of fiberglass insulation found in the return ductwork, and the homeowners were flabbergasted to see what we pulled out of the old ductwork. Our duct cleaning team was immediately dispatched to clean this mess up. A filter has no chance of cleaning this up as fiberglass insulation is too heavy. While having a good filter will catch most of the airborne fiberglass, chances are that some could also escape the filter cabinet and end up in the airstream.duct cleaning chicago

After the return ductwork got cleaned up nicely, we continued to survey the ductwork but no other negatives were found. In the end, we pulled out close to a pound in insulation and showed to the homeowner. This furnace should have never worked when the house was in the building stages as insulation is proof to this.

The above scenario would be an extreme case of a house desperately needing duct cleaning. If a duct cleaning is dependent on what the duct cleaning specialist recommends upon coming to the Chicago home and inspecting the duct system first. In very old homes, with very old ductwork, we recommend replacement of duct work to keep hygiene levels of bacteria down overall. When a duct cleaning is performed, anti-bacterial chemical is sprayed onto the ductwork, but in some cases(very old ductwork) replacing ductwork makes much more efficiency sense. Efficiency has everything to do when it comes to ductwork, as back in the old days there were no standards of duct efficiency.



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