Chicago Copper Thefts

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Do you live in a not-so-safe neighborhood? Are you worried about copper theft? If you answered yes to these questions, maybe you should think about the possibility of your air conditioning unit being stolen when you don’t expect it. All over Chicago we have customers that have experienced this unfortunate event and we have come up with ideas on deterring this type of theft.

Greenleaf Mechanical can start by having a cage installed over your air conditioner  while it’s bolted down to concrete, or we can custom make a cage that we can mount to your brick wall. Service area for the AC will not be blocked and service technicians will still be able to service them yearly.

If you think a cage wouldn’t be enough, or you would like another option, our team can install a low pressure switch connected to an alarm siren. In case of your refrigerant levels declining for any reason, the alarm will sound and will let you know if someone is tempering with you air conditioning. Remember that thieves will remove the refrigerant first before disconnecting you AC unit as it is hazardous to their health.

Can you afford to pay for a new air conditioning unit? We would like to think that the only time you should replace them is when they get old or when they fail. With the rise of the price in copper, copper thefts have been on the rise and AC units are pretty high on a thief’s list. Take charge and protect your investment before it’s too late.  stolen air conditioning unit


This picture showcases what thieves do to AC units. They remove the condenser coil, which is made out of copper. After removal of the coil, the unit is considered a loss and can’t be repaired. A new unit would have to be installed.



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