• Mitsubishi Mini Split Ductless Relics

    Recently, we worked on two Mitsubishi mini split ductless systems that were more than 20 years old in existence. We are truly impressed at the reliability that these Mitsubishi ductless systems have, and they have survived just by occasional maintenance. Although, in today's newer systems we recommend yearly maintenance as the blower wheels do tend to get dirty depending on usage. The mini split systems were made in Japan, and maybe it is a telltale sign ...

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  • Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Installation in Chicago

    Since we have changed suppliers and have become a Mitsubishi authorized contractor, we wanted to show the newest installation of a Mitsubishi ductless system, also called a mini split air system. Keep in mind that we have carried LG and Samsung ductless mini split system for quite a while(check out the Photo Gallery) before switching over to the Mitsubishi product line and we are quite excited to work with such great products. Here are some ...

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  • Air Conditioning Maintenance And Its Importance

    Air conditioners are just as important to maintain in spring, as are furnaces during the brutal Chicago winters. In order for the air conditioners to operate efficiently and properly, yearly maintenance is necessary to an aging or even a new air conditioning system. With the development of air conditioners (like mini split ac systems) over time and with the added sensors this new ...

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  • Common Cause for Air Conditioner Repairs

      A lot of the times during hot Chicago summers, a lot of the air conditioner repairs include a part of the HVAC system that is often overlooked, the filter system. The filter removes most particulate, dust, debris, and with some filters also allergens. While these filters that are 1" in thickness aren't recommended for the AC system by us, the type that is less ...

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  • Nest-The Most Efficient Thermostat

      If you have ever shopped for a thermostat, you have either shopped for it either at your nearest home improvement center, or from your HVAC professional in an emergency situation. While shopping, you have debated whether to go programmable or non-programmable. While you might have nostalgia for the old round thermostat that your grandparents had, you might also be mazed by programming ...

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  • Trip to the LG Training Center

    This summer, we traveled out to Alpharetta, Georgia to visit one of the LG Training Centers, and learn as much as possible about the LG mini split systems and other LG products. A great experience and we have some pictures to show off the facility.

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  • Some Of Our Summer Projects

    As you might have found out by just scrolling through our website, we are vastly involved in a niche market for the ductless mini split systems. In the summertime, most of our business involves a lot of installations of this new technology to the U.S..  Since ductwork loses efficiency in the central air systems, ductless mini split systems are the opposite. Just like their name suggests, no ductwork is required and the indoor units can ...

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  • Pros And Cons Of Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioning

    As we are getting ready for the summer season, we at Greenleaf Mechanical have already started installing mini split ductless air conditioning systems, with many jobs scheduled before season starts. Looks like it will be a busy summer, as we are driven to be the leader in the mini split ductless market in the Chicago area. In ...

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  • Some Benefits To The Mini-Split AC Systems

      The summer is almost here and we have had a great response from our clients already on the mini split air conditioning options that we carry. Not too long ago the mini-split ductless air conditioning option was unheard of even though these great efficient units have existed for a long while overseas in Europe, Australia, and Asia.  The high efficiency in these units is making Americans more aware of the savings ...

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  • Energy Efficiency During AC Season

    Summer will soon be here before you know it, and it could be a hot one just like last years’. We have put together a list to keep your home and your air conditioning unit running at maximum efficiency. Purchase a high efficiency air conditioning model. Select an energy-efficient central air conditioner by looking at the SEER (seasonal ...

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  • Summer 2012 Top 5 AC Repairs in Chicago

    Summer is almost over and we at Greenleaf Mechanical Services have grown further. During this growth through client referrals and internet referrals, we are taking the time to analyze our performance for this summer. This performance check brings up the top 5 problems we have encountered this hot cooling season. 5. Shorted or Faulty Wiring Shorted, fried, or loose wiring is pretty ...

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  • Fix That Leaker

      This summer, the cost of the air conditioning leak repairs has sky-rocketed like no other summer. This is due to the R-22 refrigerant (also widely known as Freon) tripling in cost this past January. We wrote an article on this subject that can also be found  in our blog (Freon Price Increase) warning our customers of the price hike that took place, in order for ...

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  • Free Diagnostics? $29 Service Call?

    Are you shopping around for companies just by going by their service/diagnostic charge on its own? If you are, you are in for a rude awakening. We all know that no one gives something for free in this world. With that out of the way, HVAC companies that claim to have free diagnostics or will actually reimburse the cost of diagnostics if you actually ...

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  • Is HVAC Brand Important?

    This summer has been a busy working summer for us at Greenleaf Mechanical. We have replaced a lot of old inefficient air conditioners with efficient and highly efficient air conditioners. More than often we run into the question of what brand is the most reliable brand out there. A complicated question just because reliability of equipment relies greatly on who the installing company is. You can ...

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  • The Chicagoan Mini-Split Ductless Revolution

    Hot Chicago weather has really pushed the air conditioning units to the limit this summer. Like no other summer, AC units  have been running most of the day, and a lot of nights also due to high humidity levels. This prolonged running time is testing out systems and really putting a strain in our clients’ wallets.

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