Did you ever wonder why do you have dry skin, bloody noses in the morning, squeaking floors and dried out furniture, paint that is already cracking around your home, and static electricity? That could be easily due to the air being so dry.  A whole house humidifier will correct this lack of humidity, and will allow living your life comfortably. A whole house humidifier will also make your home feel warmer, therefore giving you high efficiency and reduced fuel costs. We offer a variety of humidifiers depending on your home build type and your total square footage. High efficiency humidifiers coupled with high efficiency furnaces will make your return on your investment that much faster.


Aprilaire 800: The 800 humidifier is one of the most efficient humidifiers in the market. It is steam so it will humidify a house faster than a powered or bypassed humidifier.

Benefits of the 800 humidifier:

Aprilaire 800 humidifier

–Perfect companion for high efficiency furnaces as it is more efficient than other


–No parts to clean or maintenance needed. Just remove canister and replace

–No water filter is needed

–It has an automatic control, but it can also be installed in manual mode

–It can be installed in a remote location away from furnace or on the ductwork

–Humidifies homes up to 6,200 sq ft

–5-Year limited warranty

Aprilaire 700: The 700 Humidifier is designed for 1050 sq ft up to 4,200 sq ft tight homes. It is a powered humidifier with no ductwork needed and is one of the most sold humidifier for us to date.

Benefits of the 700 humidifier:whole house humidifier

–High capacity humidity output

–Automatic control which senses even the slightest temperature changes

–It can be installed in plenums or ductwork with less room

–A built-in fan pulls heated air from the furnace to humidify more efficiently

–1-Year limited warranty

Aprilaire 600 and 500: For the homes that need humidity, but you also like to do it in a budget, we offer the Aprilaire high efficiency humidifier600 and 500 bypass humidifiers. Bypass humidifiers work differently than the other models and are powered by the hot airflow of the furnace itself.

The Aprilaire 600 is designed for homes up to 4,000 sq. ft. Model 500 is designed for up to 3,000 sq. ft. homes. Keep in mind that these numbers are for newly and very tight build homes. The capacity of these humidifiers will vary depending on what type house you have.

Do you currently have a humidifier and are you wondering why your windows are building up humidity? This is due to automatic humidistat chicagotoo much humidity in the home vs. the temperature outdoor. Typically with a normal humidistat, you would go down by the furnace and lower the humidity. If you forget to, in the morning you would deal with washed out interior windows. With the Autotrac humidistat you won’t have to do that anymore, and it changes the humidity levels automatically when it senses a change in temperature. Protect your paint and wood around your windows with an Autotrac humidifier control today.

If for some reason you have any questions about humidifiers and how they would fit in your existing system, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (773) 242-9220 or you could also drop us an email here.