Fix That Leaker

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This summer, the cost of the air conditioning leak repairs has sky-rocketed like no other summer. This is due to the R-22 refrigerant (also widely known as Freon) tripling in cost this past January. We wrote an article on this subject that can also be found  in our blog (Freon Price Increase) warning our customers of the price hike that took place, in order for them to take advantage of the offers that were being given at the time for high efficiency HVAC systems. We have strongly recommended repair to be performed than just fill up with refrigerant and leave. We strongly believe in finding the leaks and we can either repair it if it is in the tubing or replace the equipment if the leak is located in the outdoor condenser or in the indoor evaporator. It might cost a little more upfront, but it will be a lot cheaper in the long run by actually fixing the problem and not by putting a Band-Aid on it. We have the tools and the experience to look for these (sometimes) hard to find leaks, and we have a high rate of success finding them. We would like to confidently say that we have perfected the art of leak-finding, which can in times, be one of the hardest procedures in the HVAC field.

We have also seen that other competitors put “self-sealing” compounds in your AC system with hope that it will seal up the leaking AC. These products are what we call a gimmick and we are strongly against it. Most manufacturers do not recommend putting such chemicals in your AC system, as it was not designed to run as such. The AC system was designed to run with a mix of refrigerant and oil. Anything extra in it it is just a scam to take your money and run. Greenleaf Mechanical strongly believes in attacking the problem at the roots, the leak.