Common Cause for Air Conditioner Repairs

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A lot of the times during hot Chicago summers, a lot of the air conditioner repairs include a part of the HVAC system that is often overlooked, the filter system. The filter removes most particulate, dust, debris, and with some filters also allergens. While these filters that are 1″ in thickness aren’t recommended for the AC system by us, the type that is less restrictive is usually the pleated media filters. These type of filters will not restrict the AC system as much as the 1″ thick filters do, therefore reducing AC repairs. Nonetheless, if a filter isn’t changed (depends on the home and type of filter) and looked at it monthly, your air conditioner will fail to cool your home properly. Not changing them frequently, will also have the dirt clog the filter completely and render it useless, while your system is getting the air from anywhere it can. Eventually, the AC system will not cool the home properly, therefore causing you to call out an HVAC professional and costing you at the least an AC repair service call. We can’t emphasize enough how detrimental the filter is to an air conditioner system, and if cared for it monthly you can avoid expensive AC repair service calls in the future. This is especially important for customers that have rental properties. These type of properties are often the most neglected AC systems.

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