AC Repair and Maintenance in Chicago

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Have you wondered what an HVAC technician really performs while he is at your home for an AC maintenance clean and check? We would like to help you out in telling you what an AC technician is supposed to do while at your home or business. There are a lot of dishonest HVAC companies in Chicago and we would like to take this time to write in our blog explaining what some very important steps are in performing AC maintenance or as we call in the industry Clean and Check.

At first, a technician trained in AC repairs should first check the furnace filter and if needed replace it. Secondly, AC technician will check the operation of the thermostat and ask the owner when the last time they replaced the batteries was.


  1. Clean out the condenser coil either by pressured water or if it’s really bad we perform a chemical cleaning to remove all the debris from inside the condenser coil, which can easily hide a lot of debris invisible to the eye.

  2. Turn on the thermostat by lowering the temp and letting the AC system run for about 5 to 10 minutes so the pressures reach normal operating pressures.

  3. Take wet bulb reading

  4. Check superheat and subcooling. These are two very important steps to find out if the AC system is charged properly or not and if your AC needs further repairs.   Our technicians are supplied digital gauges to check superheat and subcooling in real time.

  5. Checking amperage on all motors and if they’re to manufacturer specifications.

  6. If found that something is array for example a dirty indoor AC coil, we would actually have to clean that for an extra charge as it is labor-intensive and more time is needed.

There are more simple steps to take while performing an AC Clean and Check but these are the foundation of good maintenance.

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