2012 Utility Rebates

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Did you know that Federal Tax Credit expired as of December 31st, 2011? While in 2009 and 2010 tax credit was $1500 or 30% of the total bill, in 2011 it reduced to only $300 and now it is gone never to be seen again. Customers were taking advantage of these hefty credits by replacing to high efficiency equipment. There is still hope for those that missed out on those tax credits and 2012 is the year to take advantage of these before they expire also.

Utility companies are giving out utility rebates. Nicor is one of them and if you’re looking to buy a high efficiency furnace, high efficiency boiler, or high efficiency water heater rebates are there to ease the transition to high efficiency equipment.

These are the rebates directly taken from Nicor website:

  • High efficiency boiler receives a rebate of $350 if it is higher than 90% AFUE. If the boiler is higher than 95% AFUE efficiency homeowner gets a $450 rebate.

  • High efficiency furnaces with an efficiency of 90% AFUE or higher receive a $200 rebate and furnaces rated at 95% AFUE or higher receive a $250 rebate.

  • High efficiency air conditioners receive a rebate of $400 if the efficiency is rated at 14.5 SEER or higher.

  • Storage water heaters receive a rebate of $200 when the energy factor is higher than .67 and rated Energy Star.

People’s Gas has similar utility rebates:

The current program runs through May 31, 2012 and offers up to:

  • $800 on complete system replacement (furnace and central air conditioner)

  • $600 for boilers

  • $400 for furnaces

  • $100 on boiler reset controls

People’s Gas has also come together with ComEd to give the customers of both utilities $800 in rebates when they install a qualifying furnace and central air conditioning system at the same time.

As you can see the rebates can add up to $800 total for a furnace and air conditioning package, which in turn can ease the pain when upgrading to high efficiency equipment. Also, don’t forget the continuous savings a higher efficiency system brings to your household.


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